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CINDY POREMBA (C.V.) is a digital media researcher, gamemaker and curator. She is a Professor of Game Design in the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. (more…)

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anyWare is a distributed sculpture that will include three physical objects placed in three different physical locations. These objects will be individually connected to the Internet, where they will also have a virtual presence. (more…)


Courses at Sheridan (2013-14)


Foundations of Game Design and Development
Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning,
Fall 2013

In this course, students explore the theory and practice of games and game design. Through hands-on activities, critiques and demonstrations, students discover what the components of games are, and the implications of design choices on game structure and experience. Students learn several ways to approach the design of a game, and processes and best practices for prototyping, play-testing and tuning a game after it has been designed. (more…)

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Petals is an iOS game, where players struggle to satisfy their customers with the perfect flower.


A Series of Tubes

A Series of Tubes is a Kokoromi game prototype for the Sifteo  platform. Status: Alpha (project dormant)

ASOT combines Labyrinth-style ball maze dynamics with the joys of physically awkward social contortion akin to Twister.  Players must rotate Sifteo cubes vertically to move a ball through a maze of tubes, without falling through an exit. All the while, players must build and keep connected an increasingly large structure of Sifteo cubes, and pick up or avoid game-altering collectibles.



XYZ: Alternative Voices in Game Design

14 July – 01 September, 2013, Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), Atlanta, GA

Co-curated with Celia Pearce, Akira Thompson, John Sharp and Adam Rafinski.



Documentary Media: Production III (New Media)

School of Image Arts, Ryerson University
Spring 2013

This is an advanced production course that focuses on specific methods and techniques of editing images, motion picture, sound, or interactive experimental approaches in contemporary documentary-based practice. Various production and post-production strategies are reviewed. This is a hands-on course designed to prepare for graduate fieldwork and production of the MFA final project.



Experimental Media and Digital Art

LMC 4730/6318
Georgia Institute of Technology, Fall 2012

Recent years have seen a surge of interest and creative energy surrounding documentary and non-fiction media. In this course, students explore and challenge the conceptual, historic and technical factors that surround the representation of the real, with a particular focus on issues of performance, experience, indexicality, and interaction.




Cadere is the first game designed for Street Level.

In Cadere, players perform a series of slow gestures to create an abstract after-image linked to their physical movement. (more…)


Street Level

Street Level is a research-creation project for sidewalk accessible arcade-format videogames. The project is currently being funded by Concordia’s Centre for Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG), as part of the PLAYPR project (GRAND-NCE). (more…)

Joue le jeu/Play along

La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, FR (June 21 – Aug 13, 2012)


Curated by Lynn Hughes, Heather Kelley, and Cindy Poremba.

The playable exhibition Joue le jeu – Play along showcased games as the broad, rich cultural phenomenon they now are. A vibrant international community of artist-designers is inventing new narrative forms, play styles, and innovative visions which are radically different from more familiar video game stereotypes. We invited visitors to experience the new forms of gaming at the heart of the current golden age of creative game design.



Carte blanche à TAG et kokoromi

TAG et Kokoromi, deux des principaux groupes montréalais centrés sur les jeux expérimentaux, ont carte blanche dans l’espace jeux vidéo.

Lynn Hughes (Technoculture, Art and Games research center, TAG), Heather Kelley (kokoromi collective) et Cindy Poremba (kokoromi et TAG) sont des curateurs et concepteurs de jeux associés aux deux principaux groupes montréalais centrés sur les jeux expérimentaux: TAG et kokoromi. (more…)

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superHYPERCUBE (arcade version 2008-2011)

Anaglyphic 3D videogame with head tracking. superHYPERCUBE is an exploration into accessible large-scale public gaming. It uses 3 types of depth cues to create immersion, while simultaneously contributing to the visualist spectacle within a performance environment.

Kokoromi/Polytron, ported to Kinect by TAG (Programmers: Kaustubha Mendhurwar, Stephen Ascher) (more…)

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Grime is a documentary videogame exploring the work of UK reverse graffiti artist Moose (Paul Curtis). The game uses the iOS platform’s touch interface to engage players in gestural actions aimed at exploring the environmental an d social implications of grimewriting, in conjunction with the audio and rotoscoped commentary from Moose himself. (more…)


Videogames and/as Literature

Concordia University
Winter 2010, Fall 2010, Fall 2011

Videogames have become increasingly significant in terms of both popularity and role as a cultural form. This course will explore formal, aesthetic, and cultural aspects of videogames, the emerging discourse around digital narrative, the expressive potential of games, and the nature of meaningful gameplay; with particular emphasis on the relationship of digital games to text-based forms such as poetry and literary fiction. Through readings, in-class “screenings” and take-home play-assignments, students will be challenged to consider how videogames both extend and complicate traditional models of analyzing and understanding texts.


From Bizarro Controllers, HTMelles 2010

Digital Ludology

Curated by:
Emilie Grenier + Cindy Poremba

The Digital Ludology Space invites you to explore imaginative worlds and playful encounters, courtesy of Digital Ludology: Studio XX’s game creation workshop initiated by Bérengère Marin-Dubuard in 2008. These unique new games will spill out into the exhibition space, beckoning you to set down the everyday world and play along. (more…)

Discursive Design Research II

DART 492 Discursive Design Research II, Winter 2010

Concordia University

This course examines design practice within epistemic cultures outside of traditional design. Specifically, it draws upon ways of thinking from digital design and applies them broadly across design practice, using case studies built around non-digital examples. This approach problematizes disciplinary boundaries, design contexts, and interpretive outcomes, and re-contextualizes all design practice as networked, virtual, multiform and interactive. Students will further learn how to situate and articulate their work within cross-disciplinary contexts. The course will alternate between short thematic lectures, guest speakers, student-lead discussions and rapid-prototype activities.


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Live Game Code: Love Letters

Love Letters was a gamemaking/livecoding performance for the Montreal 2009 Biennial. With Heather Kelley. (more…)

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