XYZ: Alternative Voices in Game Design

Curated by Celia Pearce, Cindy Poremba, Akira Thompson, John Sharp and Adam Rafinski

Venue/Dates: 14 July – 01 September, 2013, Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), Atlanta, GA

Note the official site for this show is currently down. Please use the mirror at

Co-presented by MODA and Georgia Tech’s Digital Media Program, XYZ: Alternative Voices in Game Design is the first-ever exhibition that highlights the work of women as video game designers and artists.

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Joue le jeu (Play Along)

Curated by Lynn Hughes, Heather Kelley, and Cindy Poremba

Venue/Dates: La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, FR (June 21 – Aug 13, 2012)

The playable exhibition Joue le jeu – Play along showcased games as the broad, rich cultural phenomenon they now are. A vibrant international community of artist-designers is inventing new narrative forms, play styles, and innovative visions which are radically different from more familiar video game stereotypes. We invited visitors to experience the new forms of gaming at the heart of the current golden age of creative game design.

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Digital Ludology

Curated byEmilie Grenier and Cindy Poremba

The Digital Ludology Space invites you to explore imaginative worlds and playful encounters, courtesy of Digital Ludology: Studio XX’s game creation workshop initiated by Bérengère Marin-Dubuard in 2008. These unique new games will spill out into the exhibition space, beckoning you to set down the everyday world and play along.

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The Art of Play

Curated by kokoromi

Games don’t want to be Art. Like popular film and music, we just want art’s stuff. Respect, protection, preservation, due consideration. To reach a cultural stature such that when we put sophisticated messages into our games, there’s someone out there who actually expects to find them. We’re not interested in asking whether games are art (in the categorical sense), but whether videogames are really worth a damn (in the evaluative sense). To paraphrase Alfred Steiglitz– can videogames have the significance of art?

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eyeTEASers: Art Podified

On Thursday June 22nd, 2006 The Escape Artist’s Society (TEAS) unveiled eyeTEASers: Art Podified; Vancouver’s first showcase of video artwork for the Apple iPod.

eyeTEASers presented some initial forays into podspace: from abstract contemplation pieces to quirky viral shorts—from live music performance to pure eyecandy. The artists showcased were a mix of local and international emerging and established artists. Participants were able to rent out (for up to 20 minutes) a curated selection of video complete with an iPod and speaker stand directly to their table for their communal viewing pleasure: video to share, talk about, and to redefine space. At the end of the evening, we auctioned off 6 weeks of exclusive personal viewing rights for each of the video submissions—in a sense, the winner bought the right to personally hoard the work or to share it with the world, at was their whim. After 4 weeks, all the works were made available to download to the video iPod from the TEAS website.

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POV Alternative Games

Curated by Cindy Poremba (curatorial lead), Rebecca Cannon, Celia Pearce, Ian Bogost, Željko Blace, and Mary Flanagan.

Venue/Date:  June 17-20, 2005, Renaissance Hotel Waterfront, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The PoV (Point of View) Alternative Games Exhibition focused on groundbreaking digital games and game-based projects that innovated through content, process, use of technology, interaction, expectations and audience; in short, games that refuse to rehash standard themes and paradigms. PoV ran in conjunction with the Digital Games Research Association’s 2005 international conference “Changing Views: Worlds in Play.”

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