XYZ: Alternative Voices in Game Design

Curated by Celia Pearce, Cindy Poremba, Akira Thompson, John Sharp and Adam Rafinski

Venue/Dates: 14 July – 01 September, 2013, Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), Atlanta, GA

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Co-presented by MODA and Georgia Tech’s Digital Media Program, XYZ: Alternative Voices in Game Design is the first-ever exhibition that highlights the work of women as video game designers and artists.


A response to the popular misconception that women neither play nor create video games, this interactive exhibition redefines viewers’ perception of video games.  It does so by providing an introduction to alternative games and games that are outside the mainstream and by demonstrating the capacity of video games to convey a more diverse range of ideas, experiences, and emotions than is commonly associated with commercial games.