Digital Ludology

Curated byEmilie Grenier and Cindy Poremba

The Digital Ludology Space invites you to explore imaginative worlds and playful encounters, courtesy of Digital Ludology: Studio XX’s game creation workshop initiated by Bérengère Marin-Dubuard in 2008. These unique new games will spill out into the exhibition space, beckoning you to set down the everyday world and play along.

Featuring the debut of:

Paper cut / Allison Moore

Offshore / Myriam Bizier

Conversations sur l’oreiller / Pillow Talk

Stéphanie Lagueux + Jonathan L’Écuyer

The Digital Ludology Space promises to be a provocative yet lighthearted environment devoted to exploring the playful side of digital art. The space features creative gaming contexts, unusual controllers, alternative narratives, and experimental interactions, all set to a fun retro soundtrack. Over the course of the week, we will also play host to workshops, fantasy pitches and show-and-tell sessions showcasing the creativity of our local women game creators. Come join us, as we re-invision the arcade!