Live Game Code: Love Letters

Love Letters was a gamemaking/livecoding performance with Heather Kelly, for the Montreal 2009 Biennial.

live game code: love letters

Creators without a background in computer science often struggle to learn the tools and techniques which enable them to engineer complex systems of meaning. Over a period of two days at the Montreal Biennale, Kokoromi members Heather Kelley and Cindy Poremba will simultaneously demonstrate and illustrate our own attempts to make a playful software system: a game. Our games will take the form of love letters – deeply personal direct communication to our objects of affection. Live Game Code: Love Letters makes transparent our game creation process, revealing the emotional and intellectual effort behind these expressive systems.During the creation process, laboratory assistants in the Porous Lab will create visualizations and audio interpretations of the game code, exposing the normally private game development process for public observation. For instance, a wall graph drawn in chalk might plot “lines of code written per hour” or “number and type of crashes.” Visualizations could even poke fun at the day-to-day reality of the development process by comparing lines of code with “cups of coffee consumed” (counted by stacking the cups themselves) and “minutes spent on Facebook.” During the twelve hours of the event (noon to 6pm on Friday and Saturday), new data categories can be suggested by gallery visitors, which will then be added to the measurement schedule of the laboratory assistants.

Jeux en direct : Lettres d’amour. Un événement performatif en direct qui s’intéresse au sentiment de frustration ainsi qu’aux vastes possibilités du processus de codage et de conception de jeux. Sur une période de deux journées, Heather Kelley et Cindy Poremba du collectif Kokoromi feront étalage de leurs essais et erreurs dans la création d’un système à raisonnement inductif ludique. Le contenu final ne se cantonnera pas dans les paramètres d’un genre de jeu préexistant – tels le tir dans l’espace ou le système à niveaux (platformer). Le, ou, les, jeu(x) prendra(ont) la forme de lettres d’amour qui communiqueront d’emblée des sentiments profondément personnels à un « objet d’affection ».

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