Created by: kokoromi

SUPERHYPERCUBE (Playstation VR) is a VR “first person puzzler” with classic controls and intuitive shape-matching gameplay. You control a group of cubes and rotate it to fit through a hole in a wall that is constantly moving toward you. Each time you fit through another wall without crashing, more cubes are added to your cluster. Head tracking is critical in the game – as your cluster of cubes gets bigger, you will need to lean around it to see the hole and quickly determine what rotations to make. Stay alive as long as possible, and add your high scores to the ranks of players around the world.

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superHYPERCUBE (arcade version 2008-2011)


Anaglyphic 3D videogame with head tracking. superHYPERCUBE is an exploration into accessible large-scale public gaming. It uses 3 types of depth cues to create immersion, while simultaneously contributing to the visualist spectacle within a performance environment.

Kokoromi/Polytron, ported to Kinect by TAG (Programmers: Kaustubha Mendhurwar, Stephen Ascher)
Role: Design (Supporting),  Project Lead (Kinect port)
Format: “New Arcade” videogame + Kinect

Original (GAMMA) version, kokoromi + Polytron (Renaud Bédard)
Role: Design (Supporting)
Format: “New Arcade” videogame + Wii hack
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super HYPERCUBE @ GAMMA 3D on Vimeo.

Exhibition History

  • Finalist, Indiecade 2011 (Shown simultaneously in Night Games)
  • VIA Audio / Visual Festival, Pittsburgh PA, October 01 – 03, 2010
  • Babycastles arcade gallery, Brooklyn NY, August 5, 2010
  • FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, São Paolo, Brazil, July 27-Aug 29, 2010
  • GAMMA 3D, La Société des arts technologiques [SAT], November 14, 2008
  • Parisian Laundry, Montréal, QC (non-curated BNL MTL fundraiser), May 1, 2009