Courses at OCAD

SCTM-2007 Digital Game Engine Environments & Mechanics

DIGF-6017 Transmedia Storytelling

DIGF-3003 Atelier III: Investigations

Courses at Sheridan

GAME 13796 Foundations of Game Design and Development

GAME 14998 2D Level Design

HIST 10123 Game History: Analysis, Theory and Criticism

PROG 14998 Introduction to Media Computation

GAME 28081 Foundations of Game Mechanics

GAME 39014 Advanced Game Mechanics

Courses at Ryerson

DM8108  Graduate Production III: New Media

Courses at Georgia Tech

LMC 4738/LMC 6318  Experimental Media and Digital Art

Courses at Concordia

ENGL 398D Videogames and/as Literature

DART 492/04 Discursive Design Research II

Courses at Simon Fraser

IAT 101 New Media Images

IAT 100 Systems of Media Representation