XYZ: Alternative Voices in Game Design

14 July – 01 September, 2013, Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), Atlanta, GA

Co-curated with Celia Pearce, Akira Thompson, John Sharp and Adam Rafinski.


Joue le jeu/Play along

La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, FR (June 21 – Aug 13, 2012)

Curated by Lynn Hughes, Heather Kelley, and Cindy Poremba.

The playable exhibition Joue le jeu – Play along showcased games as the broad, rich cultural phenomenon they now are. A vibrant international community of artist-designers is inventing new narrative forms, play styles, and innovative visions which are radically different from more familiar video game stereotypes. We invited visitors to experience the new forms of gaming at the heart of the current golden age of creative game design.



Carte blanche à TAG et kokoromi

TAG et Kokoromi, deux des principaux groupes montréalais centrés sur les jeux expérimentaux, ont carte blanche dans l’espace jeux vidéo.

Lynn Hughes (Technoculture, Art and Games research center, TAG), Heather Kelley (kokoromi collective) et Cindy Poremba (kokoromi et TAG) sont des curateurs et concepteurs de jeux associés aux deux principaux groupes montréalais centrés sur les jeux expérimentaux: TAG et kokoromi. (more…)


Digital Ludology

Curated by:
Emilie Grenier + Cindy Poremba

The Digital Ludology Space invites you to explore imaginative worlds and playful encounters, courtesy of Digital Ludology: Studio XX’s game creation workshop initiated by Bérengère Marin-Dubuard in 2008. These unique new games will spill out into the exhibition space, beckoning you to set down the everyday world and play along. (more…)

Sustainable Forest

The Sustainable Forest

The Sustainable Forest was a small scale “LAN party” using Tale of Tales’ (Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn) multiplayer online game The Endless Forest. Drawing on both the “endless forest” outside, and an atmospheric, surreal space inside, this “soiree” was an attempt to optimize the feeling of co-present, self-directed play. It was a curatorial performace experiment in sustaining an art experience by crafting a social gaming context conducive to mood, community, play, engagement, and reflection. (more…)


The Art of Play

Games don’t want to be Art. Like popular film and music, we just want art’s stuff. Respect, protection, preservation, due consideration. To reach a cultural stature such that when we put sophisticated messages into our games, there’s someone
out there who actually expects to find them. We’re not interested in asking whether games are art (in the categorical sense), but whether videogames are really worth a damn (in the evaluative sense). To paraphrase Alfred Steiglitz– can videogames have the significance of art? (more…)


POV Alternative Games Exhibition

PoV: Alternative Games Exhibition

June 17-20, 2005
Port of Vancouver, Renaissance Hotel Waterfront
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The PoV (Point of View) Alternative Games Exhibition focused on groundbreaking digital games and game-based projects that innovated through content, process, use of technology, interaction, expectations and audience; in short, games that refuse to rehash standard themes and paradigms.


eyeTEASers: Art Podified

On Thursday June 22nd, 2006 The Escape Artist’s Society (TEAS) unveils  eyeTEASers: Video Art Podified; Vancouver’s first showcase of video artwork for the Apple iPod.

The iPod is the ‘Walkman’ of the early 21st century— it has moved beyond popularity to become one of those ubiquitous cultural elements defining this time and place (along with low carb diets and terrorist threats). We can’t underestimate the impact ‘podification’ will have on audio and video – just as audio-only ‘Podcasts’ are reviving the radio star, video iPods will change the way we view and distribute digital video. (more…)