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superHYPERCUBE (arcade version 2008-2011)

Anaglyphic 3D videogame with head tracking. superHYPERCUBE is an exploration into accessible large-scale public gaming. It uses 3 types of depth cues to create immersion, while simultaneously contributing to the visualist spectacle within a performance environment.

Kokoromi/Polytron, ported to Kinect by TAG (Programmers: Kaustubha Mendhurwar, Stephen Ascher)
Role: Design (Supporting),  Project Lead (Kinect port)
Format: “New Arcade” videogame + Kinect
Length: 5 minutes

super HYPERCUBE @ GAMMA 3D on Vimeo.

Exhibition History:
Finalist, Indiecade 2011
VIA Audio / Visual Festival
, Pittsburgh PA, October 01 – 03, 2010
Babycastles arcade gallery, Brooklyn NY, August 5, 2010
FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, São Paolo, Brazil, July 27-Aug 29, 2010
GAMMA 3D, La Société des arts technologiques [SAT], November 14, 2008
Parisian Laundry, Montréal, QC (non-curated BNL MTL fundraiser), May 1, 2009